There are many stories that make us what we become and that shape our essence which make us unique.
At OUTIKA ; we believe your stories deserve to come out and be proudly shared. We take care of putting them in their frames.
Our history is as old as the glory of Utique or Outika as the indigenous pronunciation says; this city which had reigned on the mideterranean from our shores, and invented this culture and this lifestyle of which we are an extension.
The OUTIKA brand is the reincarnation of this greatness; which is the implicit beginning of every success story we have.
We have only responded to the call of our origins, to look to the future with a new eye and a different vision; having the faith of one with a rich past.

OUTIKA brings these ancestral forms and symbols back to life in a collection of frames that celebrate the Mediterranean well-being and its serene openness to the world.

Our mounts are as strong and heart touching as the stories behind them; as many important and decisive moments in everyone’s life. However ; it is about a unique identity and an unequivocal source of inspiration that has stood the test of time.
Our dream is that every time you wear the glasses in your eyes, you will feel the strength of our past growing within you. OUTIKA, my style, my story.


We are proud and honored by the trust you have placed in the lenses of our Essilor SIVO group ; and in designing our OUTIKA frames; we have honored this heritage and embraced the same high standards.
Beyond this common aesthetic that respects the lines and shades of Utique ; the greatest care has been taken in the choice of materials used and their origin.
We have selected for the temples and frames the strength and lightness of stainless steel, but also Mazzucheli cellulose acetate, which has been manufactured for over a century by this great Italian company, providing other hypoallergenic qualities and comfort.

We turned to Germany for the strongest hinges of the OBE brand so that your glasses will stand up to your busy everyday life.

Additionally ; as you deserve a touch of luxury as a reward for those busy days, our frames are finely embellished with noble materials such as wood and leather to the refinement of the original Swiss jewellery and Swarovski Fine Rocks.

The challenge of OUTIKA brand is to reach this degree of sophistication while keeping prices at a reasonable level thanks to our knowledge and expertise.